I brought this really old crap van early last year with the intention of doing it up and converting it into a camper van. I literally had no mechanical skills, no idea what I was doing and more importantly no tools what so ever. Anyway, 6 months later I pretty much finished it. The back cabin bit runs totally on solar power into a couple of leisure batteries plus inverter. The bed will flip out to make a double bed and the kitchen bit has an alcohol stove for cooking and boiling water. I was going to do some sort of videos series detailing the build but I forgot lol. The van cost just under £500 and the conversion cost about a grand. I'm now going to do some filming in Scotland/Lake District for a few days. Trust me, if I can do this anyone can 😁 EDIT: when I brought the van it was totally f##ked. The whole van filled with smoke when u started it. None of the doors would open. It was riddled with rust and the gearbox and power steering didn't work. Trust me…Youtube is your best friend #CamperVan #VanConversion #VanLife #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt #TransitVan #Wanderlust #DIYCamperVan #VanProject #OutdoorLiving #OffTheGrid #CamperVanLife #SolarPowered #Inverter #AlcoholStove #LeisureBattery #HomeOnWheels #VanLifeMovement #VanLifeDiaries #ProjectVanLife

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